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superblockify documentation#

On these pages you can find documentation for superblockify.

What is superblockify?#

superblockify is a Python package for partitioning an urban street network into Superblock-like neighborhoods and for visualizing and analyzing the partition results. A Superblock is a set of adjacent urban blocks where vehicular through traffic is prevented or pacified, giving priority to people walking and cycling.

superblockify partitions an urban street network into Superblock-like neighborhoods

Setup and use#

To set up superblockify, see the Installation page. To use superblockify, the Usage page is a good place to start. More on the details of the inner workings can be found on the Reference pages. Furthermore, you can also find the API documentation.

Statement of Need#

superblockify is designed to address the need for an open, general-use, and extendable software package for Superblock delineation, visualization, and analysis. The Superblock model is an urban planning intervention that creates more liveable and sustainable cities by forming human-centric neighborhoods with reduced vehicular traffic. However, the planning and implementation of Superblocks is a complex process that requires extensive stakeholder involvement and careful consideration of trade-offs.

With the advent of new computational tools and datasets, there is an opportunity to simplify this process by allowing for easy computational analysis and visualization of urban street networks. superblockify seizes this opportunity, filling a gap in the current landscape of research efforts.

The target audience for superblockify includes urban planners, researchers in urban studies, data scientists interested in urban data, and policymakers involved in urban development. By providing a tool for Superblock analysis, superblockify aims to support these professionals in their work towards creating safer, quieter, and more environmentally friendly urban environments.


If you want to contribute to the development of superblockify, please read the file.